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Get-A-Tutor adds a level of convenience to the teaching process. Students can schedule appointments and request on-demanding lessons, but we encourage tutors to set their own schedule.

No Travel

With Get-A-Tutor, there are no travel requirements, allowing you to save on expenses. Now you can expand your client list to places you would never be able to reach.


Get-A-Tutor is revolutionizing online tutoring for K-12 students by making online video conferencing a safe experience for the student and the tutor.

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When you join, you will receive your own profile. This will help get you more work by increasing your visibility and garnering trust. Parents are able to browse through profiles and hire you directly, or we will work with our clients to match them with the right tutors.

We believe in transparency

When it comes to our tutors and how they interact with students, we believe in 100% transparency. To this end, all applicants must undergo a thorough vetting process to be a Get-A-Tutor Certified Tutor. This is done to ensure trust between our platform, the students who use our services, and the parents who sign their children up.

In order to promote trust, all sessions between tutors and students are recorded. We do this to ensure that our students are in safe hands as well as to prove to concerned parents that our tutors can be trusted.

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