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GetATutor.com provides the advantage
of a private tutor to all children.

The perfect classroom complement!

As a convenient teaching companion, we provide direct and personalized learning support in numerous subjects, including:

  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • History
  • Spanish
  • AP English
  • AP Bio
  • AP Chem
  • AP Physics
  • AP Calc
  • AP Stat

School Eligibility

As a registered DOE vendor, the GetATutor.com platform currently serves schools in the NYC area.

Schools participating in programs that:

• promote innovative instructional solutions  such as online 1:1 academic support for low  performing students,


• have students who qualify for free/reduced  lunch such as Title I,Title III, and Contract for  Excellence (C4E), can allocate funding to  GetATutor.com using Vendor ID # ONL999031 01.

Our focus is to bring quality and accessible education to all students


1. Do teachers have the ability to create a plan of study for students via the website before they have their online session with the tutor?

– Yes, teachers can create an account and add each of the students. Once added,  the students’ corresponding subjects & grades are chosen, then homework  assignment files can be attached to the session, along with notes to the tutor.

– Teachers can then schedule the session (at least 24 hours prior to desired time). Once  done, they can access the session either through the button under the “upcoming  sessions” section or via email link.

– Once the session has taken place, the tutor will create a report for the teachers.  Teachers will also be linked to a live look-in from a third-party device, without the  student’s or the tutor’s knowledge. All sessions are recorded for safety purposes, as  well as for later reference.

2. Do teachers have access to the student accounts, or are students completely independent when creating their account?

– The student will not have a personal account. Sole access and control of the account  will be given to the teacher.

3. Will students be able to send material (homework, task cards, etc) they want to work on to their tutor, or will the tutor provide those?

– Teachers will add materials to the session. However once live, the student can upload  anything they need to the whiteboard in real-time, as they work through problems  with the tutor.

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