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Once you sign up for an account with GetATutor, we will be able to match your child with the right tutor based on their grade level, the subjects they need help with, and their personal learning style.

The Four Types of Learning

Everyone learns differently, so we make it possible for our tutors to customize their lessons, and offer the most effective tutoring experience:


Visual learners prefer to see physical representations of information. We recommend visual presentations like charts and graphs for these students. It can also help to clearly show how various points are connected.


Auditory learners like to hear information out loud and can benefit from reciting lessons. Asking these students questions will allow them to repeat points back to the tutor.


Reading and writing learners perform better when interacting with text. These students need to read and should be given the chance to apply their knowledge in the form of written quizzes.


Kinesthetic learners need hands-on experiences to help them learn. Introduce role playing into their lessons or let them take notes in order to remember.

Simple Pricing

No more paying for minutes. We've made pricing simple and easy for everyone by optimizing all tutoring sessions. GetATutor offers a flat rate of $59.99 per 45-minute lesson.

First Session Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your first session, we will pair you with another tutor for an additional 45-minute session at no additional cost.

Flat rate of $59.99 per 45 minute lesson

A tutor that specialize in your child's learning type

A learning platform that supports all learning types

Child safety & privacy features

First session guarantee

Trust & Transparency

GetATutor was designed to be safe and secure for your children. We ensure this by recording all sessions, offering privacy settings, and enacting meticulous hiring practices for all our tutors.

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